Tuesday, 18 December 2007

From the 50p bins of Orbital comics

I had no time for DC's Who's Who back in the day. It was a pale imitation of Marvel's triumphant Handbooks. Heavy on pictures and jazzy fonts, it felt less scholarly and cheaper than it's more esteemed counterpart. Still, I found a couple of old copies in Orbital's 50p boxes t'other day and felt duty bound to pick them up.

Look at this detail from the cover of the October '87 update...

Gahh! You'd never get anything like that on the front of a Marvel Handbook! It's like some great, garish DC strip club with Katma Tui and Lady Blackhawk going through the motions for Iron Munro and Kilowog while pervy John Constantine fiddles under his raincoat and that creepy impotent old Guardian looks on longingly.

Using the power of PAINT and my super computer art skills I've given the ladies a pole to gyrate on.

That's meant to be a bottle of beer in Iron Munro's hand by the way, and those are dollar bills Kilowog is throwing at Katma Tui.

Fear my painting power!

I might have a wank over it later.

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mr wheatley said...

you should put 10 bucks in kilowogs hand (what kind of a name is that anyway)