Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Legendary 2000AD characters #1: Old One Eye

Old One Eye.
Sounds like a pet name a sad man might give his cock.
And yet it's not.

Old One Eye is in fact a crazed T-Rex from 2000AD's much loved classic, FLESH!

The basic premise of Flesh was brilliant: Future cowboys travel back to the prehistoric age to farm dinosaurs for meat! KERCHING! That's hit the mindset of the 1970's pre-teen bang on.

Old One Eye lost her eye in a tear up with a future cowboy and spent the entirety of her time looking for revenge. The reader was often reminded that Old One Eye had the same sized brain as a "small kitten", but then had their mind blown by the fact that she was also cunning, violent and, (marvelously for a dinosaur), completely insane!

Here she is...


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Anonymous said...

If you own this comic, please sell it to me! I`ve been looking for years..! I need closure on my childhood, I nesperately need to finish reading this comic, I never got to as a young`n.