Monday, 3 December 2007

Showaddywaddy on Jim'll Fix It

Sorry no comics content again. I'm too preoccupied with watching Jim'll Fix It on Youtube. Seriously I've waded through rivers of the milky eyed old paedo's antics over the last two days. There's so much excellence involved that it's hard to know where to begin. The Sham 69 clip is obviously seminal stuff, but I think this is my favourite. I like it so much I've written some commentary. Follow along if you like...

5:26 "How did you know I was handsome?" Mwah ha ha ha. As if pretending to read braille isn't insulting enough Jimmy Saville really turns the knife by making a gag about the girls' blindness. What a fucking rotter!

4:53 "And you can see the surprise on their faces" Hee-hee one last dig before the clip begins eh Jim?

4:49 The wavy lines disappear revealing Showaddywaddy's den. The boys clearly don't feel comfortable with these blind girls. "We've gotta keep facing this way!" "Take 'em over there!". It's gold I tell you, very, very awkward gold, but gold nonetheless.

3:56 So we know the Showaddys are nervous. They've told us as much. They're clearly going to have to sing their big hit with the girls, but for their own peace of mind they want to keep them from bumping into things. The best course of action would be to stand still on the staircase.

3:29 Tall pink Showaddy gives a blind girl the thumbs up! Doh!

3:18 Blind girl pretending to look at the moon of love. "Your eyes shine so brightly under the moon of love". The Showaddy next to her looks incredibly uncomfortable.

3:07 Has the Showaddy in blue spotted some dandruff on the blind girl's shoulder? Or is he just fanning her with that record because she stinks? We will never know.

02:57 I love the expression on sunglass Showaddy's face. He's had enough. "Ffff..." he sighs as he glumly leads the blind girl out.

02:45 Blue Showaddy is forcibly dragging the blind girl along now! Let's go for a little walk indeed. This is quite rough behaviour.

They look like they're taking them to be executed. Thankfully things brighten up IN THE PLAYGROUND!!

02:20 WTF is this about?

02:02 Odd shot of the girls giggling at a Showaddy's crotch. Showaddy laughs at them.

01:58 Frankly I think these girls are to old to be getting piggybacks from Showaddywaddy.

01:49 An inappropriate dance between some ageing rockers and a bunch of blind kids amongst the Showaddy's cannabis plants.

01:33 Cruel pot plant based pisstaking by this Showaddy.

0:53 Note the cub scout. He loves Saville so much that he's copied his hairdo.

0:28 "Look at these albums" Saville seizes on another opportunity to remind the girls that they can't see.

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