Sunday, 22 March 2009


Back from a nice little break in the pretty city of Bath, spoilt only by my paranoia about leaving the lad to sleep in the room while we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. We had the baby alarm at the table and all, but you know, that fellah who nabbed Maddie is still at large sooooo... 

I suppose I should worry more about real life than the unlikely world of baby abduction. Very few babies get nicked from hotels after all, and if I was half as cautious with my debit card as I am over the threat of non-existent baby snatchers, I might not have returned to London to find that while I was in Bath, some cunt had got hold of my bank account details and spunked a large wad of MY dough at an internet bookmaker. Ffffffuck! Had to go through a whole question and answer thing on the phone with the bank fraud department. They seemed most surprised to hear that the regular payments to comic shops, Amazon and a big outlay to an American art dealer weren't part of the fraud. The shame.

Cleared that up and decided to call the new comic shop before going down to see if anything I wanted had actually turned up. Boss man informed me that nothing had been pulled for me, that he had no idea that a new issue of End League had come out this week and that, no, he hadn't managed to get me copies of Charlatan Ball or Jersey Gods. Couldn't be bothered to go down to pick up Supergirl and Wolverine and went to Gosh instead where I snaffled the three missing independent comics and felt a lot better.

Listened to the latest edition of the 11 o'clock comics podcast which featured some fine drunken enthusing about GI Joe from a man in his late 30s. I love 11 o'clock comics so much - four middle-aged Americans getting hammered and talking about the vast amount of comics they buy with their huge disposable incomes. It really is top quality stuff. You should listen.

Will be looking after the lad for the next week which is liable to make regular posting a bit tricky, but I'll try to scan in a couple of bits and bobs.


pulpsfromthebothy said...

Nightmare! Sorry to hear about the mess awaiting your return. Hope you had a nice break though.

Dan McDaid said...

I love Gosh Comics. I'm itching to move back to London so I can shop there again!

Hey, if you ever miss an issue of JG, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do. My address is on my blawg.


Dom Sutton said...

Pulps: cheers, it was a nice break. Bath is a very pretty city, especially in the sunshine.

Dan: That's very kind. Loved issue two by the way. Even better than the first.