Saturday, 14 March 2009

Good morning

To the new shop where, to be fair, I was able to get all but one of the comics on my list. Missing item was Charlatan Ball, a book which I'll probably pick up from Gosh tomorrow. Once again none of my titles had been pulled, but they were all easily findable on the racks and, on the plus side, I did make a total saving of £3.20, which is not too shabby.

Shop was looking particularly clean and tidy, and boss man was in a frenzy over the impending visit of some big American cheese or other who owns a hefty chunk of the business. He told me that he's worked seven days a week for the past year to keep the place going, taking just three days off in that time, all of which made me feel bad about criticising his shop. Hopefully the American was happy with what he's been doing.

Anyway, only had time to read one of my purchases, but I'm happy to announce that after a brief dip in form last ish, Captain Britain is back in business. I have some issues with the Mike Collins pages which aren't as pretty as the Leonard Kirk ones, but the momentary switch between artists towards the end of the book isn't jarring enough to ruin what is in essence a super comic. For anyone not reading, know this: you are missing a story where Dracula has descended from the moon to declare war on the UK. Nuff (as someone once famously proclaimed) said.


SK said...

Found this blog from a link in pornokitsch. Great looking blog! Just wondering what comics are currently on your pull list?

Dom Sutton said...

Hello SK!

My pull list is quite lengthy I'm afraid. But the titles I really can't do without are: Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Captain America and Gravel. There are another 20 or 30 books which I pick up regularly, most of which I enjoy a lot.


Anonymous said...

Goli mar,