Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Having a baby break. This involves cranking up the new Royksopp album on Spotify (oh yes, I'm down with the kids, or at least the 30 something ad execs who listen to this kind of thing), ploughing through a JSA trade (Justice be done - top superhero high jinx by the way) and having a nice cup of tea (Assam, very posh). Also jotted down this week's shopping list, which contains no independent titles and should therefore, in theory, be obtainable from the new shop. I'm hoping that the boss man put aside the three titles which I didn't pick up last week, otherwise the completist in me will be forced to drag the lad on an unnecessary excursion to the West End just to pick up Spidey, Supergirl and Wolverine. I hate myself for many, many reasons, but this obsessive need to have stuff the instant it comes out is particularly abhorrent. I mean, those three comics will be sitting on the shelves of Forbidden Planet for months to come, yet the fact that I'm already a week late getting them provokes mild feelings of panic. Christ.

So anyway, for anyone who gives a flying fig, here's my list for the week...

Conan #9
Pleasing barbarian themed antics always cheer me up. I'm missing Conan's grandad though.

Spidey #588+#589
I've fallen way behind on this book now. I'm not even sure I'm enjoying it very much any more but, like some fat human version of a caged animal stuck in a behavioural pattern, I keep on buying, bagging and boarding the fucking thing. Sigh.

Superman #686
See above

Captain America #48
Slowly, quietly The Invaders are reforming. This pleases me greatly.

Fan 4 #565
While the vast majority of comics fandom are hanging up the bunting and preparing street parties to celebrate the impending end of Millar and Hitch's run on this book, I continue to enjoy their take on the title and will mourn its passing.

Supergirl #39
Continuing the who is Superwoman? storyline. I couldn't give a hoot who she is, unless of course she turns out to be Satan Girl, which would be  VERY cool. The costumes do look remarkably similar, but realistically it ain't going to be her. Boo.

Wolverine #71
Old Man Logan is really good, almost as good as Enemy of the State in fact. I'd be quite happy for Millar to write Wolverine forever.


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Spidey should be about to have a good injection of quality, with Fred van Lente, Zeb Wells & Mark Waid joining the Spider-Editorial.

I'm about to kick back and read me some of those very titles right now!

Neil said...

Re: Spider-Man - so much of it depends on the choice of artist for me. That is, if his surname is Romita, we're in business...

mr wheatley said...

the old man wolverine is good, but then iam a sucker for marvel universe reimagined. I think its why i enjoyed 1985 and Marvel Zombies so much

Dom Sutton said...

Chaps, I think it's the whole three times a month thing with Spidey that bothers me most. Just can't be arsed to read that much Spidey. I would probably still pick up any Marcos Martin issues if I dropped it.

Mr W - Millar behind all three projects! He's trying to build a Marvel multiverse to compare with DC's. I heard rumour that all of them are going to cross over somehow.