Friday, 6 March 2009

Spring/Watchmen gubbins

Ah, 'tis a beautiful spring morning in Auld Lahndan Tahn! The missus has thrown the blinds open and is playing some sweet classical music on Spotify, the birds are chirping in the garden and my Sea-Monkeys are frolicking happily in the sunlight. Magic! If I can stop coughing and be bothered to get dressed, I might even take in the air with a constitutional stroll to the comic shop. Let's hope all my books are present and correct this week, I'm not sure I have the energy to cover any shortfall with a hasty visit to the West End.

I mentioned to my missus that I was going to have to see Watchmen at some point and indeed I did not lie, oh no. I imagine that I'll probably hate it, but that's not the point is it? Has to be done. The missus asked if I thought she'd like it. Obviously I said no. I mean, she's shown no interest in reading the comic so why would she want to go and see the film? She says she's heard it's all serious, not a bit like any of those other silly superhero flicks. Bah! It's still about people running around in spandex, love! Alright, so there's a bit of raping involved, but she'll still laugh when the little men get in their Owl Ship and the giant squid lands on Manhattan. Anyway, I think I need to take this film in alone, preferably in the middle of the day in an empty cinema where I won't disturb anyone with the sound of my tutting. We'll see.

The web is of course aflame with talk of the movie. Plenty of reviews to be had, but I can't be bothered reading too many of those to be honest. Of more interest are these two nuggets: Mike Leader attends a fuck up of a promo on the Thames, and Seb Patrick takes time out from losing at Championship Manager Online to ruminate on several abandoned Watchmen screenplays. I'm building up for the whole thing by rereading Moore's Top 10, which is altogether much more fun than Watchmen. Pip-Pip!

ADD: via a comment on Progressive Ruin, it's: "What If Watchmen was a Saturday Morning cartoon?!"


Anonymous said...

I took Hartley to FR for our weekly visit yesterday and the guys had been so busy they hadn't even done the standing orders! Thankfully I only buy comics that they're likely to have huge amounts of so I just take them from the shelf. That bloody discount just makes me spend more though. Did I really need the Fantastic Four mini, Agents of Atlas #2 when I can't remember if I liked #1, Black Panther #2 when I haven't read #1 yet and that Hawkeye/Mockingbird thing when I have no interest in it what so ever. It's an addiction surely it is.

mr wheatley said...

meh, full circle. i really feel like iam living in the future. Its 2009! watchmen is now a film. what next, Ace trucking company starring Patrick Stewart? Jim Carrey as ambush bug?
the final nail in my childhood would be Daniel Day-Lewis as Brian Cant.