Saturday, 7 March 2009

New comic shop: the pain continues

I turned up at the new shop yesterday hoping to goodness that the mucky muddle of last week would not be repeated. Fat chance. No comics had been put aside for me, and the boss man hadn't even realised that Jersey Gods #2 was out, let alone ordered the frigging copy that I'd been expecting. 

Great flaming fucksticks! This will not do! 

I now know that I have little to no chance of EVER getting anything at the new shop unless it's a big two book or some godawful variant of whatever licensed property is currently doing the comic rounds. That'd be absolutely fine if all I cared about was the cunting Avengers or whatever other mess Bendis is shitting out of his arse at the moment, but the truth is I need more than Marvel and DC in my life. 

Frankly I'm depressed that great stuff like Jersey Gods, Fear Agent, Gigantic and Charlatan Ball does not register on the radar of the fellah at the new place. I understand that his customers want their Marvel and DC, but come on, are you telling me that there's nobody else shopping there who wants to pick up some quality comics from outside the mainstream? 

God, I miss the West End already. "Why don't you fuck off back there then?" I hear my imaginary audience cry. "Because of the fecking discount!" I shout back at the void. 

All is not lost, I feel that I can train the new shop to love good comics more than the 1 in 50 Obama felches Spidey variants which line its independent free walls; that next week the boss man will indeed have ordered the missing copy of Jersey Gods #2 just like he promised; that I won't have to knock the good thing discount on the head and stump up the extra cash just to be happy. Things are going to change. They are, they are, they are!


Anonymous said...

Great Post!
Let me know if you want me to go round and 'lean' on the Bossman..
(wink wink)
Ever thought about moving into Comic store Protection...
Fink abaat it Dom... Fink abaat it..
I leave with that mate!
Goli Mar,

Jared said...

You could be on to something with the Obama felches Spiderman...

Dom Sutton said...

I think best not to lean on bossman Dave! By the way I'm sorry not to have made the pub again, it's just so difficult these days what with Jack and all.