Friday, 27 March 2009

Nice finds

To the new shop where EVERYTHING I'd asked for had been pulled, AND copies of The End League and Charlatan Ball had been specially ordered. Wow! Looks like we have lift-off. I 'fessed up to having gone elsewhere to buy EL and CB, but boss man was fine with this and assured me that now that they have my list down pat, I will be receiving all my books (indie or otherwise) on time. What's more, he tipped me off to a cheap DVD player that plays avi and DivX files from USB sticks. This kind of technology might be old hat to you young'uns, but it's a revelation to an old luddite like me. I can't believe that for £35 I'll be able to watch my dodgy downloads of Sliders from the comfort of my sofa. Joy.

So, I left the shop a happy man. Well, I almost left the shop. As I was making my way to the door, I decided to have a quick shufty through the back issues (something which I had thus far neglected to do) FUCK THE DUCKS! Want to see what I got for £19?

That's four issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, including the first appearance of The Rhino, the second appearance of The Lizard and the first appearance of The Shocker. They're all in the G to G+ range and a bargain at that price.

Huzzah for the new shop! I believe I have made my peace.

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pulpsfromthebothy said...

Sweet release!, enjoy that warm glow my friend.