Monday, 23 August 2010

A battle from the Great Zombie/Dinosaur War

Played dinosaurs v zombies with my three-year-old yesterday. The zombies landed in a flying saucer and fucked up the dinos!

He requested more of the same today. Dinos were joined by Dazzler Heroclix and got their revenge.

In other news, he greeted his mother with the words: "Galactus eats planets"

All is gong to plan, chums. All is going to plan.


Jared said...


The Sound of Drowning said...

Cool! I've been trying to work out who would win and how in a war between zombies and ghosts. Maybe you could ask your son for me, he's clearly got this whole area pretty sussed.

pulpsfromthebothy said...

keep up the good work, we are going to need people like him in the future.