Monday, 9 August 2010

Two links. Some Khunds.

Remember that link to the Who's Who entry for War Wheel that I posted last week?

Good wunnit?

Well, it turns out that the fella who wrote it has written brickloads more about Who's Who and it's all just as brilliant as that War Wheel post. Some of his analysis is wee-your-pants funny, some of it is the kind of thing that will have you rubbing your chin sagely as you mutter, "ah yes" in a scholarly voice. Cracking stuff. Link HERE.

Back in Blighty, I was very happy to see that Paul O'Connell, the man behind The Sound Of Drowning, has happened across London Loves Comics. He commented on the Tiny Texas post I shoved into the ether a couple of days ago, which very much made my day. I've recommended The Sound of Drowning before, but I'm happy to do it again because it's as good a comic as you'll read - check it out for nowt HERE and if you like it - buy it!

That's it.
I leave you with a pic of some nasty Khunds...

Scan from DC Who's Who, 1985


eye-melt said...

I used to spend hours on end with the Marvel Universe books, the Who's Who never really interested me that much. Sadly after getting rid of a good percentage of the series, I'm seeing a certain charm in reading about so many crappy characters. Did they ever collect these into trades? And remember those loose-leaf ones?

Dom said...

The Handbook of the Marvel U is available in reprint format as two or three essentials I think.

You can often find the originals pretty cheap at the marts or on ebay though.

The DC and Marvel efforts are very different. A lot more work went into the Marvel Handbook, but there is a camp charm to Who's Who.

eye-melt said...

Yeah, I mean the DC ones. I kept all the Marvel ones. Excelsior!

Dom said...

Don't think they've reprinted them. FOOLS!