Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A brief diversion through the tasteless backwaters of DC's Who's Who

An extract from the DC Who's Who entry for the obscure super-villain team Helix...

Surely the sickest fucking origin story ever!

Doctor Love - evil gynaecologist. Part Josef Fritzl. Part Professor X. Urgggh!

And Helix? Stolen gene-mutated babies? It's bit like a nasty version of The Umbrella Academy, innit?

Doctor Love is topped in the tasteless stakes by this fella, though...

To quote the entry: "Der Zyklon, whose name means "The Cyclone" in German, was given the power to move at superhuman speeds by scientists who served Germany's Third Reich"

Yeah, because when you think of Nazis and Zyklon, you automatically think of cyclones, not Zyklon B!

How on earth did that one slip through the net?

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