Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Fuck your Jekyll Atari, man!

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I like this ad. It's honest. Kids are evil.

"Manholes of Venus? You're fucking lame"
"What kind of a spastic game do you call that cocknose?"
"Later gaylord"
"Your old man bought the wrong computer"
"And he's a fucking paedo!"

There were kids at school we treated like that.

They would have gone and bought the Atarisoft stuff for their Vic20 too.

We would probably have played it while calling them a cunt and telling them that it was lame.

Ad scanned from Power Pack #1, August 1984.


Genuine Atarisoft jingle!


Tam said...

'Manholes of Venus' would make a fantastic title for a sci-fi themed gay porn film.

eye-melt said...

Nice to see you can make friends through material possessions. That kid is also the kind who would be playing Donkey Kong Game & Watch in the playground, while jocks did that thing of waving their hands over the screen and pressing the buttons.

If we're going for porn film titles, quite a few classics work pretty well.

Jet Set Willy springs to mind.

mr wheatley said...

Manholes of Uranus more like

Dom said...