Monday, 30 August 2010


I'm pretty sure that I've told you to visit his site before, but now seems like a very good time to remind you of the excellence of Colin Simon's fantastic "Too Busy Thinking About My Comics" blog.

I realise that I may sometimes come over as ever-so-slightly anti-intellectual, but I like a good bout of chin-rubbing and deep analysis as much as the next emotionally retarded man, and nobody does thoughtful, intellectual comics analysis like Colin.

Many's the long train journey I've passed reading his articles on my iphone, marveling at the stuff he spots in books which I just plain miss. He gets deep into character analysis, highlights themes that I never realised were present and generally treats comics with a critical eye that has traditionally been reserved for loftier forms of art. In short, he's a marvel and I'm made up for him that his amazing work has been recognized by a publishing company who have given him the green light to write a book about the work of Mark Millar.

Nice one, Colin! Richly deserved. I look forward to reading it.

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colsmi said...

Thank you, Dom. This was very much appreciated. I've not wanted to seem all Gwyneth Paltrow, particularly given that your blog shows no sign of you being a fan of sentimentality in any fashion, but not saying anything seems even dumber than writing this.

So, thanks, Dom! I've been reading LondonLovesComics for longer than I've been blogging & that made this all the more splendid.