Thursday, 17 April 2008

Holiday Reading

I'm off to sit in an old cottage in the lake district for a week; how very Withnail.

Anyway, it has no internet so I'll be unable to post any updates until I return. You'll cope.

While I'm away I'm hoping that a broadband connection will be restored to my London lair so that on my return I can share some scans from the exceptional Showcase Presents Legion of Super-Heroes Volume Two.

Obviously that weighty tome is the first thing I'll be packing, but I plan on loading the old nerd sack up with plenty more comic goodness. Here (minus the aforementioned Legion) is my reading list

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Volume #1
DMZ Volume #3
Hawaiian Dick Volume #1
Scott Pilgrim Volumes #3 and #4
Monster Volume #6
Captain America: War and Remembrance
David Boring

I'll also be taking a stack of single issues along just in case. Sadly I won't be including this week's World Of Dungeons and Dragons #1 in that pile. I had high hopes for this title, but a quick scan through reveals that it deals in Elves and Orcs.


I was hoping for the real world of Dungeons & Dragons. You know, the one inhabited by snarling teenage boys armed with nothing more than pencils, a tobacco tin full of many sided dice and a array of silly NPC voices.

Another golden opportunity missed.

Back in a week.

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