Monday, 14 April 2008



Still unable to use a scanner on this ancient laptop or connect to the internet at speeds faster than a stationary bullet, I am falling back on other people's websites for content. Yay other people! Don't you just love 'em?

First piece of borrowed content comes courtesy of Mr Wheatley who sent me a link to THIS FLIKR GALLERY

Obviously it takes an age to load the images on my machine, but I'm hoping you can see them clearly on your beautiful high speed interweb receivers. Here's my favourite...

Look out for Lantern Lincoln and Wolverine Washington too. Them's some real American heroes. FUCK YEAH!

After you've had your fill of defaced dollars, please, please take the time to read about the (non) adventures of the (not so) superfolk of Manchester in the brilliant TRUTH SERUM. God Bless The Hoodwinker, Super-Villain par excellence.

Next up, it's a two year old link. WooHoo, hot new comic content! Yes, as flagged up in the final issue of Suburban Glamour, it's Jamie McKelvie's redesign of Wonder Woman's costume.

And lastly, for no reason other than the fact that it made me laugh, here's a pic of a bad Batman tattoo. There's every chance it's not a real tattoo of course, but you have to love the comment left by the outraged tatt/Bat fan at the end: "you're an embarrassment to batman fans around the world".

I want that written on my gravestone.

Night night.

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