Thursday, 10 April 2008

Two comics I read on the bus

A slightly uncomfortable shop today. Gosh! was rammo and I got pinned in a corner next to a grubby old pentacle wearing bearded chap who stank of stale sweat and shit. He looked a bit like Alan Moore actually...nah couldn't have been.

Escaping his stink I managed to get on a relatively empty bus, allowing me the freedom to read a couple of comics on the way home.

GL Corps first. Top issue featuring some fine Sinestro Corps shenanigans in an alien prison for the criminally insane. Lots and lots of words too! Yes! A comic that took me a good 20 minutes to read. I like that.

That's 15 minutes more than it took to get through the latest issue of The Fan 4. Not the greatest from the World's greatest. Short on words and full of confused art, we'll have to chalk this one down as a rare failure from the normally excellent Millar and Hitch team. The fact that much of the issue is set in a snowstorm doesn't help, but there are also several small panels that try and cram in enough action to fill a splash page and end up looking cramped as a result.

It's not a total washout (the Johnny Storm shags a super-villain storyline has potential for example) but it's by far the weakest of the three so far. We can but hope for a return to form next ish.

Oh and as far as fights in snowstorms go you can't beat that old Byrne issue of Alpha Flight where Snowbird dukes it out with some old Injun god or other. The whole comic features nothing but white panels and speech bubbles*. I remember reading it when it came out and thinking it was hugely clever. All that white makes it very hard to find in mint condition apparently.

* OK so I had another look at this issue after writing this and it seems that only a third of it takes place in a snowstorm with no pics.

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