Thursday, 10 April 2008

Shopping list

What with the chaos which moving house brings, I'm currently building up a backlog of unread comics. This is a worrying situation and, given that a fresh batch of steaming sequentialism hits the racks tomorrow, one that is unlikely to improve any time soon.

One of these days I'll clear the decks, until then the following books will just have to join the teetering stacks in my new comic room...

So yeah, that rather dull Boudica story that took up the last couple of issues of The Corps is done with and we can get back to some Sinestro Corps War goodness. It's still going on? Well sort of.

This new arc seems like it could be rather similar to Gail Simone's first arc, only this time instead of talking apes we've got aliens. Still, a Green Lantern did pop up at the end of the last issue so obviously I'm sold.

Pretty pictures abound in this cross between Hollyoaks and Pan's Labyrinth. The art is the real draw, but I've enjoyed the words well enough. This is the last issue, but worth picking up when it's released as a trade if you've missed it.

Shiiiiiit! I'm three or four issues behind on this now and another one's turning up. Perhaps this is the point to jump off. Once the inevitable Secret Invasion crossovers start I might bin it anyway, after all I have no intention of even trying to follow the Skrull stuff. If you ask me that Bendis fella needs to be writing LESS not MORE. It's obvious that he's churning out too many comics. I'm now reading precisely NOTHING that he writes and I certainly have no need to get mixed up in his huge multi-title spanning money spinner of an event.

Aaah, the good stuff! Not a superhero in sight either.

Given that this is where they first reared their pointy eared little heads, I guess it would be unreasonable to hope that this book doesn't get invaded by the secret Skrulls. Oh well I'll keep reading it anyway, because it's by Millar and Hitch and they make some good comics.

Have I already got this? I can't fucking remember. The Auxiliary bit on the end suggests it's some sort of reprint. Obviously I'm not buying it if I've already read it.

I'm not buying this unless it's got any pictures worth wanking over. Issue #1 didn't.

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