Saturday, 26 April 2008



Yes chums, a quick change of ISP, and I'm once again able to connect to the internet at speeds fast enough to allow me to reproduce other people's work without their permission.

A cheery result.

The week in the cottage was a bit of a disaster. My son developed a fever of 104 the night before we were meant to travel and stayed ill for the next four days. We eventually got out of London for three nights, but it was hardly the relaxing break I'd planned on. Ho-Hum.

As a result I only got one book read - David Boring. A fine effort this one, the tale of a man who likes fucking girls with big arses from behind because the shape of their butts reminds him of his mother's hairdo...

Yeah. Anyway, David has two friends: a lesbian named Dot who digs straight girls with boyfriends, and Whitey, a trilby wearing schoolfriend who travels light. They live vacuous lives in a paranoid world that might or might not be under attack from some unknown terror organization.

David, who drifts between unsatisfactory relationships, falls for a girl named Wanda and embarks on a boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets shot in the head sort of affair. He sees God, holes up on an Island inhabited by the distant relatives of a bunch of mad Irish servants and gets tangled up in a murder investigation.

Those are the bare bones of it chums. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what it was REALLY about, but I liked it a lot.

Its an odd and darkly humorous tale.
Its handsomely crafted by Daniel Ghost World Clowes.
It was written eight years ago.
I recommend it. End of.

Now, just because I can, here's a scan from Alter Ego #11 which I picked up in Hackney Oxfam for 19p!

The scan of Judge Death also comes from Oxfam and can be found in the 1995 compilation Judge Dredd in the collected Judge Anderson from Titan books. It cost me 99p and is probably out of print now. Thus is revealed the beauty of the charity shop comic.

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