Sunday, 13 April 2008

No scans, but LLC still recommends...

Man, life on dial-up is depressing. I can't use my scanner because it doesn't work on the laptop with the dial-up software. I can't put Youtube videos up because I can't get them to work, and browsing all but the most text heavy of websites involves a looooong wait. Shitty, shitty stuff.

It's a mystery to me why the useless jizz monkeys at Orange haven't sorted my broadband connection out. I'm beginning to think that they may not be able to. Apparently it takes them five days to log a fault, fuck knows how long it will take them to actually fix the thing after that. Cunts.

So anyway, I wanted to bring you a couple of great scans from the recent Justice League New Frontier special, but I can't. So, my comic loving chums, you'll just have to trust me when I say it's a treat of a book.

The superstar creators currently plying their trade at the big two might know how to write books that generate hype and shift copies, but I can't think of too many out there who are producing genuinely essential comics like this one.

Honestly it's top draw. Not only does it feature a panel where Batman kicks Superman in the head while calling him "motherless alien scum", it also has a scene where Wonder-Woman wreaks bra-burning feminist havoc in a strip club. If that isn't enough comic goodness for you, how about a Robin/Kid Flash team-up inspired by Rebel Without A Cause, in which Kid Flash prevents a plane from landing at a booby trapped airfield by searing the word UNCOOL onto the runway?

True the main motivation behind the special is the promotion of the recently released animated version of Cooke's original comic, but that doesn't stop it being a classy product. Cooke writes all three stories and although he only provides art for the first, the other two (with sweet Dave Stewart colours) still have that distinctive New Frontier look. It's bright, breezy, beautiful stuff which is totally at odds with the events driven drivel that dominates much of DC and Marvel's output.

Give it a look.

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