Monday, 28 April 2008

Last week's comics TODAY!

I missed new comic day last week, but on a trip to the West End with the missus to buy doormats and baby seats, I nicked five minutes in GOSH!

Really, I needn't have bothered. After all last week's shopping list was probably the shortest I've ever compiled. Seriously, I only picked up two comics for a total spend of £4. At least they were good comics. First in the old nerd sack was Northlanders #5: More Viking based tomfoolery and a nice preview of the forthcoming reboot of House of Mystery. House of Mystery was a firm favourite of mine as a kid, and I'd be delighted if this latest attempt to resurrect the old favourite worked out. With Bill Willingham scripting, it has a decent chance.

The other comic on my list was Checkmate #25. Greg Rucka's last. Boooooo! I doubt this title will last much longer without Rucka at the reins, which is a shame as he's done a great job of getting me excited about a relatively obscure corner of the DC Universe. Now that it's done, I might just have to go back and read all 25 issues again. Yes, it was that good.

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