Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Brubaker's pissed off!

Anyone else reading Incognito, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' new comic about a super-villain in witness protection? if not, then go buy it, it's FANTASTIC! I wrote about the first issue very briefly last month and compared it (favourably I might add) to Mark Millar and J G Jones's Wanted. Seems I wasn't the only person to catch a hint of the Wanted vibe off the book - Brubaker himself referred to the number of people who had mentioned this during an interview he did on Word Balloon.

Turns out he's a tad pissed off, as the book is NOTHING like Wanted at all. The fact that his main character has gone from living a life of super-powered crime to grinding out a living as a down-at-heel filing clerk is actually a meta-comics reference. The premise being that when you take someone from mainstream superhero comics and put them in witness protection, the safest place to hide them is in underground comics. Now he says it, I can see it, and it's very clever indeed. BING! I'm sorry I was so stupid Mr Brubaker, I'll pay more attention next time. Promise.

I can understand his frustration with us dunderheads then, but I must admit to having a little chuckle at his comments on the matter in the back of issue #2...

This speech works best if you imagine him jumping up and down on Final Crisis and Watchmen as he delivers it. 

Whatever, I might be too stupid to pick up on the meta-schmeta stuff, but I do know good comics when I sees 'em, and this is good comics kids! Issue #2 has another excellent text piece about pulp age heroes. The focus this month is on Doc Savage, and it comes with an outstanding painting from Sean Phillips which (for those of you who don't have the issue) can be seen HERE

Got to love that Phillips fellah. I think him and Marcos Martin are my two favourite comic artists at the mo.


mr wheatley said...

i was just about to email you about this. just picked up issh 1. brilliant stuff. Yeah, balls to the meta. he should have kept his mouth shut about that.. no explanations. thats best

Dom Sutton said...

Indeed, t'was an unnecessary hissy fit. Issue #2 is even better.