Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shopping list

Been a while since I posted up a shopping list, but here's what I'll be picking up tomorrow, minus the groceries which I got last night...

Note: "pot for Jack" is not a drug reference, but a reminder to buy a couple of jars of pureed fruit for my son. Ah, how life has changed.

I suppose I don't need these lists now that a chap in a comic shop puts all my books in a nice box for me, but I'm a sentimental old man who enjoys writing things down + I don't trust the new shop to remember everything yet.

Looking forward to the new Green Lantern obv. New Conan is always nice, especially when our barbaric pal is about to embark on a career as a mercenary. Gigantic #3 should be good, and there's more Remender goodness to be had from Fear Agent.


James Hunt said...

I wish I had the foresight to make a list sometimes. I tend to do the stupid thing of checking what I want before I leave, then getting to the shop knowing I need, say, 6 comics that week, and browsing until I remember what they way. Sometimes this results in me buying stuff I already own because I forget what issue of Daredevil I'm on or whatever.

I also have to learn to actually look at what I'm buying. I usually don't pick the "reading" copy on the front of the stack, but this week, someone had put a copy of X-Factor on a stack of Dark Reigns so I picked up the wrong comic. I managed to carry it around for 15 minutes as well as *PAY* for it without noticing I'd got it wrong. This isn't even the first time I've done that, either!

Anonymous said...

don't trust the man in the shop to remember any of them! I went to Fantastic Realm in Finsbury Park recently and of about 9 comics he had remembered....1!!!!!