Saturday, 28 February 2009

Teething problems

To Fantastic Realm in Finsbury Park where I was disappointed to find that only three of the eight comics on my pull list had found their way into my box.  To be fair, I was able to get two of the missing items from the rack, but there was no sign of Fear Agent, Gigantic or, (and this really surprised me), Green Lantern. The boss man told me that Fear Agent hadn't come out, that he'd been shorted on Green Lantern and that I was the only customer who had showed any interest in Gigantic, so he'd forgotten to order it. All of which worries me. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful for the discount, but if I'm going to have trouble getting my books, then I'm going to do the equivalent of the money I'm saving at the new place on tube fares to Gosh. Which is exactly what I ended up doing today! 

You see, I was convinced that Fear Agent did come out this week and, while I'm sure he was sincere in his belief that all the West End shops would be sold out of Green Lantern, I love the book so much that I had to see for myself. Gosh had both comics + Gigantic AND Lord Hurk's latest offering, Urgent Telex (which to be honest I had planned on visiting Gosh to pick up anyway). 

Now, I don't want to knock Fantastic Realm too hard, because in the main they seem just fine. I understand that they are a newer and smaller outfit than the West End stores, I was also well aware when I signed up that they didn't have as much independent stuff as I'd like and, of course, they do give me an excellent discount. As long as they don't read this and throw me out on my ear, I'm happy to continue shopping with them, but I do hope that today's problems don't become a weekly occurrence.


Anonymous said...

It's become a weekly occurance for me there too. Hence the anonymous posting on the matter. Really pisses me off because like you, it ends up wasting my time and money to go there to find he hasn't saved stuff. He has also told me before that stuff isn't out when I've seen it elswhere but not bought it because of my standing order! aaaaaahhh! So now I have the awkward problem of wanting to go to Mega City but don't want to have to tell him I've had enough.

Dom Sutton said...

I'd rather you didn't post anonymously on this subject to be honest. After all, I'm posting under my real name and if you have grievances it would be better if you were up front about them. It doesn't make me look great if I encourage anonymous sniping.

Besides, as I said in the post I think the service will probably improve and my aim wasn't to slag them off, but (as the post title suggests) point out some teething problems.

Anonymous said...

Is the fact they don't stock much indie stuff anything to do with the new diamond ordering shenanigans?

If he is new then he should be doing everything he can to build rapport and loyalty with customers... this sounds sloppy.

I recently went to FP a week late for a small (er) press comic and it had sold out. They couldn't have had many in. Fortunately Orbital still had it.

Dom Sutton said...

I just think their focus is on the big two, which is fair enough given that most folk don't want owt but Marvel and DC.

Again, I think that the guy is a nice feller and that these are just temporary problems. In my usual fashion I am beginning to wish I hadn't mentioned any of this.