Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Visit these people

Every once in a while some pile of old gubbins or other which I've stuck up on this self indulgent blog gets linked on a more popular site and my hits go through the roof. Now, I might hang on to one or two of the people who arrive here via said link, but, in the main, folks don't return and the tumbleweed starts blowing again pretty darn quickly. Which, you know, is fine by me - honest! I did this thing for a year or so while no-one was reading it, so I'm amazed that anyone comes back at all. BUT, let's face it, it is nice when people have a butcher's at your bilge, soooooo, (if you've got the time), make some people happy by having a look around their blogs...

Push listing (for short, sharp, bitter and very funny reviews and previews)

Wild Tyme (for considered, well written commentary on pop culture)

Captain America 327 (for a nice fella's comic thoughts and some kick-ass Subbuteo men)

You look like a little kid with a beard (who probably gets a fair amount of traffic anyway, but deserves a visit from you because you need to check out his fantastic fantasy miniature painting skills. Seriously, I'm mega jealous of this ability)

Pulps from the bothy (who rarely writes about comics, but sometimes makes me wish I didn't live in a big stinking city)

Pornokitsch (for nice old paperback covers!)

And if anyone else out there has a blog which they want to plug, bung the address in the comments section and enjoy as one or two (if you're lucky) hits flood in.


Neil said...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, why thank you. Both for the kind words and the promotion...

I've been painting figures on and off for about twenty years, but only recently upped my game.

As for the blog, it seems to be steadily gaining ground. I need to get some more grade A+ content on there.

Lovin' your work.

Little Kid

Jared said...

Hey! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I wondered why someone other than you and Neil had been to my blog! Thanks!

Mike Leader said...

Thank you, sir!