Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Some comic related stuff I've been doing

Bought Dazzler for 50p on ebay
Regular readers will know that I like a bit of the old Dazzler, I also happen to think that Heroclix figures are things of great beauty, so you know:  KERCHINNG!

I've got quite a collection of these little plastic people now, but still haven't got the faintest idea how to play Heroclix. No matter, they are my favourite variety of man toy and I will continue to buy them.

Defended Millar and Hitch's Fantastic Four run on a comics message board (AGAIN)
The haters have been whacking themselves off in delight ever since it was announced that Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham will be taking over from Millar and Hitch on Fan Four. While I have no doubt that the new team will do a very fine job on the book, I also think the criticism of Millar and Hitch has been well over the top. In the main their run has been excellent - lots of crazy ideas, strong characterisation and good art from Hitch all of which has been delivered without any of the hideous delays that people were claiming there would be. But I really should stop defending the book on message boards, because it seems impossible to convince anyone else that this is a good comic.

Bagged and boarded until I ran out of bags and boards
I'd like to be one of these cool types who just tosses their comics in a corner when they've read them or gives them away to children's hospitals - but I'm not, I'm a deeply unstable collector who has an unhealthy need to bag, board and file every comic I buy. Sadly I've neglected my bagging and boarding responsibilities for close to a year now and as a result have a large backlog of comics to seal up and consign to the dark long boxes which clutter up my life.

These teetering piles of unbagged floppies have been making me very unhappy of late, and so I have begun the long process of preparing them for eternal rest. I spent three hours on the little fuckers t'other night, three robotic-like hours. Gahh! Thankfully I ran out of bags and boards or I'd have carried on until my eyes started bleeding. 

Only another hundred or so to do before the hell of alphabetical filing can commence.

Bought £50 worth of trades on Amazon
What I didn't mention is that this bagging and boarding all took place on Valentine's night. What can I say? After 12 years together me and the missus very rarely end up making sweet, sweet love. She was spark out by 10, so you know, bagging and boarding it was! She is, however, still a wonderful woman and proved as much by providing me with a £50 Amazon token on my birthday. Obviously I spent all of this on comics (because clearly I don't have enough to read already). Here's what I got for  a nifty...
  • Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits (Ennis/various artists)
  • Kingdom Come (Waid/Ross)
  • Justice Society of America: The Next Age v. 1 (Johns/Eaglesham)
  • Hulk Visionaries: John Byrne (BYRNE!)
  • Hellboy: Conquerer Worm v. 5 (Mignola)
  • Godland Volume 4: Experimento Afterlife (Casey/Scioli)
A fine haul, I'm sure you'll agree. I've already read Byrne's Hulk, but lost my originals in the great Brighton wallpaper disaster of 96 so took this opportunity to replace the run in one hit. I've also read Kingdom Come, but thought it was about time I owned a copy. The rest is all new stuff which will join my ever growing "To Read" pile.

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