Wednesday, 4 February 2009


An old school pal who does something mysterious in comics distribution (for some reason he won't reveal exactly what or who he works for) contacted me via Fakebook and offered me a  discount on comics at Fantastic Realm. Frankly I'd be a mug not to say yes to this offer, and so from this week I'll be giving up the traditional trek to the West End and getting my comics from Finsbury Park instead. I feel a bit sad about this really, but discount comics are discount comics - what you gonna do?

Of course as good as they are at spandex, Fantastic Realm aren't the best for indie stuff so I'll still be making the occasional trip to check the shelves of Gosh for new products from the likes of Lord Hurk and TSOD. But it looks like the traditional Thursday journey up west is about to become a thing of the past.

Here's my first non West End shopping list...

Amazing Spider-Man #585
Astonishing Tales #1
Final Crisis Legion Of Three Worlds #3 (Of 5)
House Of Mystery #10
Invincible Iron Man #10
Jersey Gods #1
Mighty #1

The new Scott Pilgrim is out this week too. I've got my name on the list for one of Gosh's bookplate editions. Hopefully they won't read this and strike me off the list for desertion. You're still my favourite comic shop folks!


Rich said...

*cough* Agents of Atlas *cough*

mr wheatley said...

damn you and your connections! what about the little people with no comics blogs to leverage discounts from!

Dom Sutton said...

connections???? You wouldn't believe who hooked me up!