Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I'm enjoying Warren Ellis' writing. Not his comics stuff, the stuff without pictures. He's written three very entertaining columns for Wired magazine, a couple of odd pieces for Bleeding Cool and, of course, a whole slew of shorter bits and bobs on his own website. I always thought of him as a bit of a gloomy, scary man, but when you get into his words there's a lot of fun to be had. The latest Wired column where he touches on the applications of Twitter is a blast.

Re Twitter: I still don't feel at home with it. I think I could happily ditch it altogether but for the fact that I enjoy reading the tweets of William Gibson and Viz Top Tips. I imagined that William Gibson would spend his days injecting nanodrugs and being sucked off by robots, but no, apparently he devotes his time to tweeting links to cool stuff. Viz Top Tips just does what you'd expect it to do.

As for the rest, I still prefer Fakebook. Yeah, there's the added vampire/pirate/top five bumph which is all a bit wank, but when it comes down to it I like looking at holiday snaps of people I went to junior school with. I'm odd like that.

Hoping to get down to the comic shop tomorrow. Here's my list...

Skipping the new Anna Mercury stuff as part of my drive to cut down on single issues, yet still picking up Miss America Comics one shot. Makes little sense I know. Items of particular interest on this week's list include Sherlock Holmes #2 and Rebels #5 (STARRO!).

Elsewhere, friend of LLC, Mr Wheatley continues his assault on Television Centre with some new stuff on the BBC's comedy webpage. I like the brick sketch very much.

The mighty Lord Hurk has been hard at work on a new web comic and, as ever, the results are stunning.

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