Friday, 26 June 2009

Shopping list

Spent the morning trying to remember if I have a Michael Jackson appearance in any of my old issues to bung up on the old blog. Can't think of one. I do vaguely recall that he had lifesize models of Spidey and Batman in his Vegas hotel suite, but can't find any images of that either. If I dig out any comic based connections, I'll scan em in.

As to him popping his clogs, sad I suppose. The whole staying up late to watch Thriller thing tickles the same nostalgic spot as Secret Wars and Ghostbusters - big, bright, American. The kind of stuff that seemed totally exotic to me as a kid. Had Thriller on tape as I recall. I spent a lot of time fast forwarding through the slow songs on my Walkman. Happy days and all that. Looking forward to his funeral, if there's any justice in the world he'll be carried to his grave on the backs of llamas in a coffin made out of candy. RIP.

On a lighter/different note, here's my shopping list for this week....

I'm trying to cut back on stuff at the moment, so it's quite a small one. Going to be difficult for me not to pick up the new Rucka Detective Comics, but given the size of my "to read" pile, the last thing I need is another new comic. I'll probably snag it in trade. Behind on Spidey again, not enjoying it much either. I'll reassess my "need" to keep buying it after #600.

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