Friday, 19 June 2009

George Bush Snr, Action Hero

Storming Paradise has finished up and I have to say, I was disappointed. Back when it kicked off, I was really excited by this Chuck Dixon/Butch Guice story of alternate WWII history, but it all ended rather abruptly I'm afraid.

Part of the appeal of the early issues was that Dixon was clearly setting up a sprawling, widescreen Winds of War style epic, sadly six issues just isn't enough of a run to tell such a tale in. The last page of issue #6 was a "is that it?" moment. I think it needed another six issues.

Anyway, it was an interesting attempt at a different sort of war comic. Even though I wasn't satisfied with the last issue it was still worth picking up for an unexpected cameo. Chuck Dixon included republican hero John Wayne in an earlier issue and continued his "war heroes of the American right" theme with the appearance of crack WWII pilot George Herbert Walker Bush!

Yeah, all that thinking about the future is going to get the whole world in a lot of trouble some day.

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