Thursday, 11 June 2009

From JSA#20

Not much time I'm afraid. It's one of those days where I try to do a post during my son's afternoon nap. So, briefly...I'm working my way through Geoff Johns' run on JSA at the moment. It's a lengthy old haul which goes right back to the late 90s. Good, traditional superhero stuff, full of folks in silly costumes saying ridiculous things like this...

A metahuman meltdown that could take out the entire solar system? Silly, silly, silly.

Anyway, like I say nice, fun, "disengage your brain" style superhero comics. I was pretty lost in it all last night, until I flipped the page and hit this image...

Seeing The World Trade Centre really does take you outside of the story, especially in this context with the approaching tornado, The skeleton of The Spectre and the cracked tower. The rock formations are all part of some encroaching alternate reality.

I'm reading the series in trade, but this panel is from JSA #20, March 2001. I'm guessing it's one of the last instances, (if not the last), that the Twin Towers were featured in comics pre-9/11.

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