Thursday, 18 June 2009

More on comics retail

In case you missed it, Mr Salmond of Gosh! fame pitched up in the comments section of this very blog t'other day. He had some good points to make on the difficulties of trying to deal with companies who seem hell-bent on fucking with the shops that sell their product. To read what he had to say GO HERE

Then, if you find the sick and apparently nonsensical world of comics retail as fascinating as I do, check out THIS COMIC GEEK SPEAK INTERVIEW with American comic shop owner Brian Hibbs. It's one of the most interesting comics podcasts I've ever listened to.

I was going to write some more about the whole Cap 600 debacle, but a) I'm looking after the boy so don't have the time AND b) why bother when Hibbs and Salmond, who know 100x more than me about the subject, have covered it all already?

In the words of the mighty Ron Pickering: Away you go!

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