Friday, 5 June 2009

Cap's Black!

This isn't strictly true. I mean nothing's been confirmed yet, but I'm convinced that Captain America is about to go black. Issue #600 (yeah that numbering is fucked up) has been timed to coincide with some sort of big Marvel press release. I'm guessing that this is the announcement of the long awaited Captain America movie AND, if rumours are to be believed, the news that Will Smith will play the lead role in that film. So all makes sense eh?

Either The Falcon or The Patriot from The Young Avengers will take over from Bucky. I'm totally convinced of this. So convinced that I told boss man at the new shop that this was going to happen. His thoughts obviously turned to Obama variant covers (you could see the £ signs flashing in his eyes) and he was instantly on the blower to Diamond ordering more copies (I shit you not).

Things are actually running pretty smoothly with the new shop now. They have got their head round my pull-list and I'm getting all of my titles. The latest issue of Irredeemable didn't show up yesterday, but they'll have it for me next week so I'm cool with that. Friendly bunch of people working there and I'm still only a tube journey away from Gosh and all my manga and Indie needs.

EDIT: Kyle Baker's blog has me 110% certain that Cap's going to be black SEE FOR YOURSELVES! More info on Isaiah Bradley HERE

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