Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Art Life

Warren Ellis has a short story in the latest issue of Forbes.

You can read it here

What on earth are the Forbes readership going to make of that?


Another fine purchase from the 50p bins of Orbital comics: an Eclipse reprint of the Bob Powell classic Vic Torry and his Flying Saucer, a comic which has a quite fantastic cover...


Also from Orbital, the filthiest most beaten looking comic I've ever bought, Strange Adventures #210. Overstreet says it has a NM worth of $115, so what's it doing in Orbital's bargain basement? Have a look.

Here's the comic...

Here's it's bag...

Put the two together and PRESTO!

50p worth of Neal Adams magic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that the comic in its present state is worth around 50p?
And NM is worth £115?
Wicked man!
Ill give you a quid for it...