Friday, 26 October 2007

Oh no!

Green Lantern Corps #17 is rubbish.
I'll read it again in a minute just to make sure.
It will probably be even worse second time around.
I may never recover from this crushing comic blow.

****SPECIAL 2am update!****
Sinestro Corps saved STOP
Superman-Prime excellent STOP
Prime fighting Krypto a joy to behold STOP
"Open Wide Mutt!" LOL STOP
Back up story with Jerry Ordway pencils a genuine chiller STOP



mr wheatley said...

walking dead was good as was the xxx xombies.
green lantern...pffff a man with a special green lamp that powers a magic ring.. do me a favour

Dom Sutton said...

gahh, curse you Wheatley! How dare you make fun of the magic ring. One duff issue is not the end of the world.

XXXX Zombies was great. At last a decent horror comic.

I wait for the trades with Walking Dead.