Saturday, 27 October 2007



I would happily have handed over £10 just for that panel, but Justice Society Volume#1 is so much more than giant green Nazi robots. I honestly can't think of a comic I've enjoyed more. Every other panel is seven shades of super. I should just stop fucking about and scan the whole thing in.

Golden age characters in a 70's style = YAY!

A couple more offerings for you...

Power Girl enjoying herself on a satellite. Beats sitting on a washing machine.

Keith Giffen pencils. Wally Wood inks. But this is pure Jack Kirby.

Incidentally never have so many super-villains uttered the word FOOLS so often. It's a fooltastic funfest!

Even Hitler gets involved, unleashing a hearty dose of fool mouthed language...

Ja Wohl!

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