Friday, 12 October 2007

A night out

Had a great evening with Ben W and Dave F yesterday. Strong drink was taken and comics were talked. I'm slightly embarrassed when I recall the latter part of the night in which I drunkenly started shouting about Doctor Who and how: "It would be much better if they'd only let him kill some fucking people for once!"

Still, the pub we were in is just around the corner from Forbidden Planet, so the regulars should be used to hearing pissed up nerds venting their spleens.

Mr W and Mr F

Dave F doing his impression of The Goon

Ben had recently returned from a film festival in Barcelona where he'd seen Crispin Glover's new flick...

That's one hell of a poster.

Sadly, you and I can't see the film unless we turn up at one of Crispin's own showings. Oh well, you can get a flavour of the man and his work here...

As for MR F? Well, he hadn't been to Barcelona, but he did arrive at the pub fresh from breaking a man's jaw for calling his dog a spastic.



Last night's rant about Doctor Who was inspired by more than imported lager. I blame Geoff Johns. All this allowing the Green Lantern Corps to kill people has really got to me.

Green Lantern #24 was one of only three comics I bought yesterday, it's another top effort. Alright so the defeat of Parralax is a bit wishy washy, and all the power of hope over hate, nonsensery is hard to swallow, but there are stil plenty of aliens and much fighting to be had, and the last few pages provide yet more "FUCK YEAH!" moments. Fine stuff.


Man all those zombie variant covers in Forbidden Planet are depressing. Mr W and I were left shaking our heads at Amazing Spider-Girl #13...

As Mr W noted, it's worrying to think that someone, somewhere is knocking one out over that.



mr wheatley said...

the shame!

Anonymous said...

Im the bloke who got his jaw broken... And I thouroughly deserved it!

mr wheatley said...