Thursday, 25 October 2007

Shopping list

It is essential that I don't buy any Essentials this week or stray too deep into Gosh's Manga basement, because a heavy bout of comics shopping beckons and my poor wallet can't take the strain of any more ridiculous impulse buys.

I've actually crossed several titles of my list. There will be no Doctor Sleepless #3 because even though I can't think of a writer I enjoy more than Warren Ellis, Doc Sleepless just isn't my cup of tea.

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters is also binned. The first few pages of Issue #1 were space insecttastic, but things went downhill soon after and I really can't be arsed to give it a second chance.

I'm curious about the World of Warcraft comic from DC, but I had to force myself to stop playing the damn thing on the computer and don't need any excuses to get interested again. Obviously I won't be able to resist skimming through it in the shop, but it ain't going in the nerd sack.

No Ultimate Spider-Man Zombie Variant either. Strangely this will be difficult. I'm a bit of a Ultimate Spidey completist and own three copies of the first issue, one of which is a CGC'd white variant (oh the shame), but I really hate this zombie cover madness which Marvel has descended into and I won't give them any money towards it.

Needless to say I won't be buying the Arthur Suydam collection of Marvel Zombies covers.

2000AD is also out the window. Something's broken there. I'll be back when they fix it.

Soooooooo, here's the clickable list of what I will be bringing home to my stinking comic pit...

Fear Agent Last Goodbye #4
Rick Remender and Tony Moore's homage to EC's Weird Science. A cracker.

Action Comics #857
I'm just about Bizzaroed out so it's a good thing this three-parter comes to an end here. Worth it for the Eric Powell art.

Blue Beetle #20
Never read it before, but it's a Sinestro Corps tie-in so err - KERCHINGGG!

Green Lantern Corps #17
More Sinestro Corps. Isssue #16 was one of the best comics I've read this year. Shame Gibbons isn't drawing as well as writing it.

Tales Of The Sinestro Corps Superman Prime #1

Crawl Space Xxxombies #1
More Remender and Moore. OK so you know I said I was sick of zombies a minute ago? Well I am, but these are porn star zombies so err, you know.

I promise I won't whack off over it.

Thunderbolts #117
Ellis being as cynical as he's allowed to be in a mainstream Marvel comic. Can't beat his Norman Osborn.

Ultimate Spider-Man #115
More Norman Osborn. Not as convincing as Ellis' take on the character, but an enjoyable read nonetheless and Stuart Immonen's pencils are fantastic.

Monster vol #2
Manga madness. I feel myself being drawn into this world. I can't stop it. Gahhhhh! More money down the comics drain.

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