Monday, 15 October 2007

Some questions late on Sunday night

OK I'm far too tired to post anything decent, so here are a few thoughts that have been itching my comics arse.
  • What the fuck has happened to New Universal?
  • Why does it rain at 90% of comic book funerals?
  • Why does everyone like Grant Morrison's Batman so much?
  • How can Black Summer be so good when Doctor Sleepless is so bad?
  • Is Crechy the best English comic ever?
  • What the hell is Garth Ennis going to do to Dan Dare?
  • Has anyone ever done ugly better than Ron Smith?
  • What is Ian Rankin's Hellblazer going to be like?
  • Why isn't the classic 1960s Batman TV series available on DVD?
  • Just how bad is the Watchmen film going to be?
  • Where has my Secret of Barry Allen trade gone? Seriously it's disappeared off the face of the earth.
  • How does Marvel decide which titles deserve the "classic" treatment and which deserve the "Essential"?
  • Why is the Marvel classic line so expensive? I mean, £16.99! Come on!


mr wheatley said...

yeah where is universal?
comic funerals are all influenced by watchmen.. which is ripped from barefoot contessa
I found he grant M batman book quite ordinary
Black summer is about kicking ass and Docktor sleepless is about blogging and piercing.. go figure
Crechy is the best comic indeed
Ron Smith rules though Mike McMahon comes a close second
It kills me that batman isnt on dvd! holy rights confusion!
Watchmen and all comics movies are doomed to the comic fan.. If they are exactly the same then you feel like you've seen them before, if they are different it makes you angry
classic and essential.. are essential newer reprints?
nuff said

Dom Sutton said...

yah, was sad to see the old rainy funeral in the latest Walking Dead trade. This despite the fact that a few pages before they were in the midst of a heatwave.

McMahon yeah, but no-one does flab and milky eyes like Ron.

You don't know where my Barry Allen book went then?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the rain at funerals is a localised effect, caused by the concentrated presence of super-powered entities?..... Maybe not...

pat said...

some answers.

it should always rain at funerals.

everyone likes morrison's batman because it is not miller's all star batman. morrison ok, miller shit on a stick.

crechy is ok because it beats up the french. always a winner.

dan dare will be ok/so so like much of the virgin line. ok but nothing to get excited by.

watchmen - probably will be better than expected, but then i haven't read it since the comic came out.

classics - there appears to be no logic to it. they are dear because going to have few sales and in colour. so why not make the essentials? beats me.

but then i have a dream of every marvel comic being available as an essential. and i want them right now.