Friday, 23 November 2007

World War Hulk sound effects Part Two

So you know how I was complaining about the sound effect overload in World War Hulk the other day? Well it turns out that there is method behind the madness of some of the more ridiculous ones.

The book's letterer, Chris Eliopoulos, has been explaining that... in fact code for the book's artists John Romita JR, Klaus Janson, Christina Strain.

Respect to him for that little Easter egg. The fun doesn't stop there though, after all why bother with acronyms when you can make sound effects out of full names?

Yes folks, Hulk scribe Greg Pak is more than a comic book writer, he's the sound of a forearm smash from the Jade Giant himself!


I'm grateful to Ifanboy for drawing my attention to the secrets behind the sound effects in WWH.

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