Thursday, 22 November 2007

Shopping list

Not much of any interest to me on the comics front this week. I'm probably skipping Detective Comics because it seems to be some tie in with Morrison's Batman which has bored me thus far. I might pick up the new Back Issue, and I'll definitely throw these four in the old nerd sack...

Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #3 (Of 6)
Obviously this is a bit of a Mignola rip off, but it's done really well nonetheless. I'll fight it out with all the Gerard Way loving goth girls to grab my copy before it sells out.

Checkmate #20
I'm still amazed that Checkmate hasn't been cancelled. It's an espionage heavy book that demands a certain degree of concentration to follow and doesn't feature Batman or Superman. Someone up there must like it, or maybe they just value Greg Rucka too much to kill off his baby. Whatever the case I'll keep lapping this genre crossing little beauty up.

Boys #12
Issue #11 was a bit weak. I'm sure it'll pick up.

Captain America #32
Still no Cap. Still doesn't matter. Top mainstream superhero action from a writer who clearly loves Cap's supporting cast and who's relishing having the chance to give them all their chance in the spotlight. Must read stuff for me.

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