Thursday, 1 November 2007

Shopping list

Briefly, (because I'm tired out after wasting my evening watching the quite dismal Verhoven flick: Black Book), here's my list of comics to buy this week...

Tales Of The Fear Agent 12 Steps In One (One Shot)
I'm a sucker for Fear Agent, although I'm not sure it will be as good when it's not drawn by Tony Moore.

Batman #670
meeeergh. I don't get it, but I keep buying it anyway. I have a love hate relationship with Grant Morrison's work. So far I hate his Batman, but perhaps this is the issue where I'll start to love it.

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 1 TP
Been waiting for this one in trade. Here it is. HAIIIIIIIIIIIIII YAAAAAAH!

Monster vol #3
I devoured vol #2 of this super enjoyable manga page turner. Only 17 volumes to go, I'm limiting myself to one a week, although if the first two are anything to go by then this latest volume will get read in one sitting.

That's it. Light week, I'll probably end up buying a heap of other junk(like Action Comics and Midnighter Armageddon) just so my nerd sack feels full.


mr wheatley said...

they are doing 15 comics for £1.50 at daves comics (actually daves books two doors down) in brighton. Good nerd sack filling. Though it is all random old crap from house of M. hehe. Bout two lots a few weeks ago and it felt like 1986! woo. i remember stalking back from the comics conventions with 50 plus comics.. if i did that now i'd have to sell my house.
God this week looks slim.. i am still sucking back hellboy trades, i see american virgin has a newish trade which i might have a look at. Still got dmz vol3 to read. Never seems to be the right time for that.
may be this is the week i try godland... maybe

Dom Sutton said...

American Virgin has just been cancelled.

It's a poor week. There's a distinct lack of decent Marvel titles.

Comic grab bags eh? Oh dear.