Monday, 10 September 2007

Comics Britannia

Hey chums don't forget that tonight sees the start of BBC4's Comics Britannia season. I'm a bit vague on how long the channel plans on running comic themed programmes, but it seems we're set for at least a couple of weeks of cartoon capers.

Things kick off at 9pm with part one of a three part documentary on the history of British comics. But the good stuff starts tomorrow when the Beeb airs episode 1 of Batman.

The jewel in the crown is likely to be Jonathan Ross's documentary on Steve Ditko which airs next Sunday. Ross is a comic nut who knows his stuff, so I'm sure this is going to be an excellent show. Word is he even managed to grab a word or two with the reclusive Ditko himself.

For anyone reading this outside the UK, there are some clips (including extracts of an Alan Moore interview due to air on September 24th) on the BBC's website which has a good page dedicated to the season. You can find that by clicking here

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mr wheatley said...

it was okay.. good to see kevin o neil!