Thursday, 27 September 2007


You heard! I said FUCK YOU, you cocksucking bunch of miniature manufacturing cunts!

After months (well, alright, a month) of heroic resistance I crack and buy another of your expensive little boxes and what do I get? WHAT DO I FUCKING GET????


Mach-3! MACH CUNTING 3? That's a razor not a fucking super-hero! You should be shot for putting this in my toy box!


Is this meant to be some kind of joke? Who or what in the name of shit is Techno? Never heard of him and he looks like a cunt. Fuck off!


OK this one I can live with. He's a classic Marvel villain and, apart from the fact that he's stomping in a huge pile of dog shit, a decent enough looking man toy. I will put him on my shelf.


Yes I've heard of him, but so what? He's shit and his head looks like a matchstick. Utter wank.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker Bystander token


I'm just going to drop this in the loo and piss on it. I mean what else am I meant to do with it? Eh? You Heroclicking knob jockeys, do you hear me? This is of no use to me, and I want my £5.15 back. Cunts!


mr wheatley said...

hahaha you get what you deserve man boy!

the wizard isn't so bad. Didnt he go mad in alpha flight or something?

i like the idea of standerby tokens, are there tragic victim chips?

Anonymous said...

Dom.... Heroclix can wreck lives.
I used to spend half my pay on the fuckin things only to get doubles and shitty characters that I didnt give a fuck about. I just wanted the fantastic characters that were displayed so boldly on the front.
Needless to say what I wanted cost more than £5.15.