Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I seem to have picked up some nasty lurgy.
That really puts the seal on it.
Man I'm run down at the moment.
The sooner we get our baby home the better.
I'm utterly worn out by everything.

Anyway lying here on the couch feeling like death, I took in the final episode of Comics Britannia. Rather disappointing, apart from the bizarre moment when Alan Moore read extracts of Rorshach's Watchmen dialogue in a strange drawling Northampton accent. "Why's he reading it in that funny voice?" asked Becky. Why indeed.


Thanks to Ben for sending me lots of nice Youtube linkery. Particularly enjoyed this one. A screen test for Batman. History in the making.

Incidentally here's a couple who didn't make it...


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mr wheatley said...

yeah what happened to comics britania last night? since when did anyone read warrior? this is surely just influenced by v for vendetta being turned into a film. and Deadline? it made it appear that they all came out at the same time, 2000ad had been running for ages before deadline, no 2000ad no deadline. Viz is interesting but theres been loads written and broadcast about viz, i wanted to hear more about Action and 2000ad. Pat mills looks like he had lots to say. Where was Grant Morrison, Ennis and Ellis? Why was Brett Ewins reading out a page of tank girl? where was Hewitt? and really where was Jonathan Ross, britains biggest comic fan? Stewert Lee? fucking frank skinner? gah. it was pissed away.

the Moebius doco rocked though, did you catch that?

Dom Sutton said...

Missed Moebius wil check it out on Youtube when I can stay awake long enough!