Sunday, 30 September 2007


Perhaps it's wrong to start an entry headed "shorts" with a picture of a t-shirt, but no matter we here at LLC like to take crazy risks and so...

props to the folk in 2000AD's merchandising department for coming up with this effort. I think I'd feel a bit self conscious wearing it (especially on the streets of Hackney) but there is something cool about a T with classic Gibbons art on it.


Just finished reading Issue 1 of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters a book that I idly picked up in Forbidden Planet.

Flicking through the first few pages in the shop I thought it couldn't fail to be anything but fantastic. After all it starts with the hook: "My great uncle was Rick Raleigh, the first Red Bee. He died fighting Nazis alongside Uncle Sam in World War Two. He loved insects"

And rapidly spins off into a full on super-hero vs giant alien insect war in outer space.

So to recap, that's: Nazis, World War Two, Giant insects, Super-heroes and outer space.

Kerchinng! Here's my £2 Mr comic shop man.

Honestly the first eight pages are REALLY good. Sadly the rest of the book is a huge wordy pile of poo that I ended up skim reading. Boo-hoo, I hate it when comics do that.


While I'm moaning about comics: The Order #3 was a bit merggh. That's not to say it was bad. Nope, still a good title this one. I just felt it wasn't quite as tight as the first two in the series.

I have to admit that I haven't read a great deal of Matt Fraction's other stuff, but I get the feeling that he's still a bit of rough diamond. Clearly there's a mad genius of a comics writer in there but, for all the wild ideas, his stories can get a little loose around the edges.

Definitely a man to follow though, and I loved this example of his aforementioned mad genius from the latest issue...

I HEART ZOBOS! Anyone smart enough to think of putting them in a comic is obviously going to be a GIANT in the industry.


Lastly, just because I'm in a Batman is better than Superman sort of mood today...


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