Sunday, 30 September 2007

Attention Hulk fans

Regular LLC readers have of course been introduced to my good friend Dave F, a man who loves the Hulk so much that he took huge amounts of steroids and overdosed on mushy peas for a number of years.

From time to time this raging 'roid gobbler sends me e-mails about his beloved Hulk. I have recently received one such piece of correspondence celebrating the joys of Ultimate Hulk.

Now I know Dave hates the idea of an intelligent Hulk. Like me he believes the thinking should be left to Bruce Banner. Hulk is there to smash and witter on like a retarded child while he's at it...

For this reason I felt the Hulk portrayed in the early issues of Millar and Hitch's run on The Ultimates would be right up Dave's alley and recommended that he take a look. It seems he has been enjoying Ultimate Hulk more than I imagined. He's even gone to the extreme length of reading Ultimate Wolverine v Hulk and recently phoned me to explain in graphic detail a scene where Hulk rips Wolverine in two - a scenario which clearly gave him the comic horn.

Anyway enough of my blabbering, here are Dave F's latest thoughts on the Jade Giant. Take it away Big Fella...

"Hi Hulkamaniacs…. Oooh no. Too WWF.

Hi Hulkophiles…. Hmmm…Too Gary Glitter

Hi Hulkanatics!?! Too Bollocks!

Hi Hulk fans and all round lovers of comic based shenanigans! (Works for me)

Big D again.

Okay, I dipped my proverbial comic toe into the Marvel Ultimates. What I found made me weep blood and piss Magners. I will quote Dom here: “You will like Ultimate Hulk. He is a very pure character…” He wasn’t fuckin' wid me either. Please have a nerdgasm over the splash which assaulted my senses on pages 2 & 3 of Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk

Look I'll admit it in this blog, but ever mention it again and I'll dislocate your limbs and dunk you in a fast flowing river….. I was so excited by these publications, I got out my action figures and struck some serious poses...

Okay, here’s the rub: six issues were commissioned. Only 2 got published. We’re talking 2005 here. After much research, I discovered that the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk project is on hiatus. One of the writers defected to the TV series ‘Lost’, and a whole host of production issues plagued this series. Sometime in2008 is the loose date Marvel officials have given regarding its completion… FUCK! Ill have to wait till I'm 36 before I find out what happens in the next 4 issues?!? DAVE SMASH!

One thing you cant deny though is the luscious artwork of Lenil Francis Yu in these publications. Gawd bless ‘im, makes it worth the wait...

Now that’s a whole lotta Hulk to love!"


Also appearing in my inbox this week, Another link from Mr Wheatley. This one is sehr gut. CLICKEE

If any other readers want to send me stuff (I'm including you too Mr "Google search: Old man+spandex+fuck") please feel free. I'll post any old gubbins.



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good to see you getting your toys out dave! haha

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