Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My shopping list

Sooooo on the off chance that I can get out of the hospital for an hour or two tomorrow, here's my list of comics to buy...


Doktor Sleepless #2
Warren Ellis doing a passable impression of Grant Morrison. More adventures with scantily clad bookshop staff.

Detective Comics #836
After saying I didn't mind the non-Dini filler issues, I was made to look a tit by #835 which was a rubbish non-Dini filler issue. This is part two. It will undoubtedly be as bad as part 1. Ho-Hum.

Midnighter #11
I'm not convinced that Keith Giffen gets the Midnighter. The last issue was a bit too much like Detective Comics for my liking. Midnighter needs to make me laugh. We'll see if Giffen's second issue is any better. At least it'll have pretty Chris Sprouse pictures.

The Boys #10
More Super-heroes fucking Super-villains. Nuff said.

Super-Villain Team Up Modok's 11 #3
This mini kicks ass. MODOK rules obv.


Iron Man Enter Mandarin #1
I like the Mandarin enough to give this a look. If it was called Iron Man enters Mandarin, it'd be #1 on my list.

Steve Niles Strange Cases #1
Its a new horror title. I might give it a spin. Now I've gotten over the shock of the abomination that is the new Tales From the Crypt I need a good horror comic.

Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus #1
There's a glaring gap in my comic collection which will one day be filled with Mike Mignola's Hellboy and BPRD stuff. For some reason I just haven't ever got round to reading any of it. When I see the solicitation notes for Lobster Johnson I wonder why. I mean this sounds like its been written just for me.

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