Sunday, 23 September 2007

Suicide Squad

I'm slowly ploughing through my comic backlog. Still got a way to go before I'm really up to date on my various monthlies, but have caught up with the latest issue of World War Hulk which is top dollar.

Up to speed on the Sinestro Corps as well and found Parralax, the first in the series of one shot tie ins, surprisingly good.

The Boys
continues to hit the spot, and I was uber impressed by issue 1 of the Suicide Squad.

Even though its a mainstream title, Suicide Squad reminded me of The Boys in many ways. Alright, so there are no scenes of super-heroes spitroasting super-villains and the language is strictly comic code approved, but its laced with a dark, violent sense of humour worthy of Ennis at his sick best. This sequence made me chuckle a lot...

God bless you Mr Ostrander, that's some mighty funny comic book violence you've put together there. Captain Boomerang still looks like he's stolen his outfit from one of the birds in Scooch though...

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