Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Another fantastic review from The Kid

Funnily enough THIS is almost word for word how Big Dave F described the latest issue of The Hulk to me after several pints of lager.

Such a good review that I'm almost tempted to buy the comic.


mr wheatley said...

marvel really is into "and it was all a dream" territory with this Skrull stuff.. Reading the Kids review made me a little sad. Not to say the kids review is bad, its very good. Its more that essentially Marvel are peddling the same story again and again. Its their business isnt it, each character has one thing about it and every story about that character is essentially the same. Nothing can really change. (slightly embarrassed its taken me 36 years to notice this)

Anonymous said...

No No No and No!!!!
Its not what happened at all....
A-Bomb, not Hulk, called Iron man a robot!
Red Hulk is not Samson as was seen at the end!
There is no mention of Skrulls and the Secret Invasion!
And it is not all a dream!
I challenge Liams father to a fight to the death!